Labor Law and Migratory Advice:


We have a high reputation for our preventive approach in the area of human resources, which includes, among other matters:

Conduct human resources policies; give workshops and conferences on the latest trends in labor law, such as:

A) Improvement of work environment (issues of psychological-moral harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination);
B) Counseling about how to manage drug and other additions within the workplace;
C) Matters related to human resources management;
D) Job outsourcing;
E) Implementation of labor flexibility, etc.;

Assist in corporate restructurings due to international and local mergers and acquisitions, reducing contingencies in a way that combines efficiency in the results and costs of our clients;

Advice, negotiate and implement particular solutions for the needs of our clients, with an emphasis on protecting their investments;
Write and adapt corporate policies, contracts, agreements and other international instruments to local legislation with creativity minimizing risks under local law;
Define strategies for negotiating termination of labor contracts, settlement agreements for termination of labor relations, interventions before the local authority;
Review, modify and prepare non-compete agreements, local and international confidentiality;
Make recommendations on issues of collective law, negotiations with unions and management of situations involving union representatives;
Carry out auditing and / or due diligence processes with reasons of corporate transactions or for the purpose of detecting contingencies and improving the management of human resources;
Represent our clients in front of administrative bodies and local judicial authorities;
Propose solutions on issues of immigration law and expatriation of employees.


We design tailor-made strategies and procedures in view of the needs and particular business of our clients.

We represent our clients in court and before local administrative entities.